About Me

I used to draw as a child. I drew people, animals, landscapes, caricatures and patterns. My dad, who used to draw well himself, encouraged me and arranged for drawing classes. My biggest challenge was drawing portraits. I struggled for years and finally one day after reading the famous “Drawing on the right side of the brain” by Betty Edwards, everything fell into place. From then on, I learned from many accomplished artists. I also attended The Atelier art school in Minneapolis. After years of learning and practice, I still find opportunities to acquire new skills. I enjoy the process of creating art as much as the end result.

I work with oils, acrylics, graphite and charcoal. I draw and paint a variety of subjects – portrait, still life, landscape, and abstract.

I picked up photography as an aid to painting and to make digital files of my work, but found that I liked photography a lot. I was able to use the same composition rules and art skills in photography. I have a separate gallery of my photographs on this website.

I live in Minnesota (USA) with my wife and daughter.